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Padel internships Tenerife
Padel courses

Who are we?

We are Jan and Isabelle from PADEL CON GUSTO and we have lost our hearts to each other, Tenerife and padel. A few years ago we bought an apartment in Tenerife to enjoy the sun, sea and padel during the winter months. We have been active in teacher training for years and both teacher and coach are in our genes. In addition, padel has become our passion during the corona crisis. If you don’t know where we are, you can certainly find us on the padel court.

Recently we also successfully followed the course for padel trainer at Tennis Vlaanderen. The ideal combination for us…..padel and teaching/coaching in Belgium and on Tenerife to starting padel players! We like to have a personal contact with the players who call on us. This means that we consciously keep our classes and internships small-scale. On Tenerife we work for advanced “padelistas” together with very experienced and enthusiastic top trainers so that you can grow even further in this sport! We have the most suitable trainer for every level (up to P500 – Belgian ranking).

You can also come to us for a very pleasant and sporty team building. You may be wondering what “Padel con gusto” stands for? The Spanish word “gusto” stands for appetite, taste, pleasure, … and it is precisely this joy of playing that we also find important in this lovely sport!

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Padel internships in Tenerife

Both starting and advanced padel players can come to us for a great padel internship in sunny Tenerife. We offer two formulas.

Padel as teambuilding

Padel is a sport for young and old and is very attractive because of its fun and social character. An ideal sport to play with friends, family or colleagues.

We are happy to offer you a day (or half day) of team building on the padel court. First we start by explaining more about the rules and the structure of the padel game. This takes place on the padel court. Afterwards, we organize matches (with coaching) and we end this teambuilding with a debriefing.

Need more info? Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.